Dandelion & Hoglet are a newly converted barn into two holiday cottages. We are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. We live in such a beautiful place we feel that we need to protect it. We do this by:


Supporting Nature & Biodiversity

There are lots of wildlife seen at the cottages which include hares, hedgehogs, deer, red squirrels, pheasants, foxes as well as farm animals. Our guests are asked to follow the countryside code by following footpaths, closing gates and take-home litter https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-countryside-code

We have bird and bat boxes, bug hotel, small wild life ponds and have planted a wild flower border which is a haven for butterflies, bees and hover flies. We avoid using pesticides and slug pellets.

For our hedgehogs we have made hedgehog homes and walkways through fences. We feed them regularly and have shallow dishes of water. They love cat biscuits! We keep a corner of our garden wild to offer shelter, protection and natural food to hedgehogs and other animals https://www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/pdf/guide-to-helping-hedgehogs.pdf

We embrace the RHS Planet friendly gardening campaign by planting trees, using peat free compost, reuse rain water to water the garden and we make our own compost https://www.rhs.org.uk/gardening-for-the-environment/planet-friendly-gardening-tips

Our guests can enjoy home grow seasonal fruit and vegetables which are planted in the cottage gardens. We love to leave flowers in the cottages for our guests, but it became a concern about them travelling from Holland. We are currently growing our own cut flowers for our guests. This can save up to 7.9kg carbon per bunch compared with those we were buying. When we have them available, we gift wild flower seeds from our garden to guests.


Saving energy

All electrical equipment has an energy rating of at least A. All the lighting is LED and are on sensors where appropriate.

Our cottages are quiet and warm with the 100mm insulation in the walls and loft and double-glazed windows. The heating has thermostats and can also be controlled at each radiator.


Green communication

Where possible communications with guests is via email, phone or text to avoid using paper.  Our web site includes all the information which would have been found in the welcome pack including emergency contact details. Also, all of the cottage appliances manuals are clearly displayed on our web site.


Re-cycling & up-cycling

The cottages are personally and uniquely designed using local crafts people and up-cycling where possible. For instance, we re-used Welsh slate for the roof, sleepers for the flower beds, and sandstone for the patios. This has given our cottages traditional country cottage features.

The cottages have recycling facilities for cans, glass, cardboard, plastic and paper. We purchase re cycled products where possible.



Information on local walks and cycle routes and information on local attractions are on our web site so that guests can plan prior to arrival. We provide secure storage for bicycles and guests are able to charge their electric vehicles.


Local Economy

Supporting local businesses and producers supports our community.  We have provided information on our web site of local producers who provide fresher food and it is very often more affordable. High quality ethically produced products is important to us. If we are unable to buy locally, we buy Fairtrade to ensure standards are met in the production and supply of those products.

We use a local laundry to wash and dry our linen and a local cleaning company.



Often cleaning products contain chemicals such chlorine and phosphates that can be harmful to the environment. We use Faith in Nature soap and hand cream which is paraben and SLS free. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We are always looking at ways in which we can improve our environment. If there is anything we could do further to help our environment then please tell us.